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In November 2003, our Customer suffered a serious car accident, as a passenger of vehicle, into the back of which a bus crashed. He was 17 years old at the time, and a student of a vocational school in the field of mechanic / tinsmith. He was learning his profession in one of the workshops. He was also successful in sports as a long-distance runner. The accident completely changed his life. The Client suffered a serious injury to the skull and brain. He suffered from severe encephalopathy and skull bone loss. He has not been able to do sports or work since then. Requires constant help and care of third parties. In 2006, the insurer offered a compensation of only 60.000 PLN.

After receiving our Client’s case and completing the documents, we filed an appeal against the insurer’s decision. Thanks to our efforts, we obtained an additional compensation payment for the Injured in the amount of 241.500 PLN, a compensation payment for 3 years back in the amount of over 55.000 PLN, and a pension from, starting with June 2018 onward, in the monthly amount of slightly over 1.500 PLN. In addition, the Client also received an equalization of the annuity for increased needs for 3 years back, in the amount of nearly 9.000 PLN, and another pension (also starting with June 2018) in the monthly amount of over 300 PLN.

We are currently conducting further negotiation with the insurer, in order to obtain another payment by way of a settlement, and to capitalize the pension claims.