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ECC - on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2010


The European Compensation Center (ECC) is the biggest company in Poland and Central Europe which helps accident victims and their families receive due compensation and benefits from insurance companies.

EuCO Capital Group operates on the territory of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. Since its foundation, EuCO helped 170 thousand people and obtained for them more than 1,3 billion PLN of compensation. The company cooperates with more than 30 000 agents across Poland and employs 200 employees in its headquarters in Legnica. Since 2010 the company has been traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

EuCO is the member of the Business Center Club, Executive Club, Polish Business Roundtable and Lower Silesian Business Chamber. The company is also the winner of numerous awards, including Forbes Diamonds, Business Gazelles, Business Cheetah, Fair Play, Solid Firm, Equal Opportunities Company, Philanthropist, Effective Company, Market Leader and Lower Silesia Griffin. The company was also awarded three times with the European Medal by the Business Centre Club.

EuCO as a strong partner for Insurance Companies

EuCO negotiates with Insurance Companies on behalf of the injured in accidents and their families in order to receive compensation and other benefits in pre-court proceedings. EuCO pursues all claims connected to the event, i.e. apart from the compensation for loss of health, redress and compensation for death of family members, also claims for lost income, reimbursement of costs of treatment, transport, private treatment, purchase of bandages and medicaments, pension claims and reimbursement of costs for repairing a damaged vehicle, renting a replacement vehicle, hauling and compensation for the loss of vehicle’s trade value after an accident.

Thanks to EuCO’s activities the amount of compensation awarded may increase even several hundred percent in relation to the original proposal made by Insurance Companies.

Own Law Office

EuCO is one of very few compensation companies in Poland, which has its own Law Office. This Law Office supplements EuCO’s offer and represents clients in court proceedings. Thanks to the Law Office, the injured have a chance to receive higher amounts of compensation and additional benefits if in pre-court proceedings their value was not satisfactory. In 2015 the cases led by EuCO Law Office entailed more than 13,7 thousand trials in courts all over Poland. In the record-breaking month, there took place almost 1,4 thousand trials. EuCO cooperates with more than 40 Law Offices and 1,5 thousand lawyers. EuCO Law Office is a pioneer in new legal solutions – it was because of the case run by EuCO Law Office, when the Supreme Court adopted a resolution that the closest family member of the injured person, who died in an accident deserves a compensation for the suffered harm, if the event took place before the 3rd of August 2008, which opened the way to receive due benefits for thousands of people.

The leader of compensation market in Central and Eastern Europe

EuCO pursues an active policy of foreign expansion – it created a unique business model (sale of high quality services via specialized network of agents), which is successfully incorporated into new markets. Since 2008 EuCO has been present on the Czech market (Evropské Centrum Odškodného s.r.o) and has already achieved a leader position. In 2010 a Hungarian company was set up – Európai Kártalanítási Központ KFT, since 2011 the Capital Group has been present in Slovakia (Evrópske Centrum Odškodného spol. s.r.o.) and since 2012 in Romania (Central European de Despagubiri S.R.L.). In these countries, EuCO leads the whole compensation market. The Capital Group has high competencies in building the structures abroad from scratch. The board is planning starting activities on other markets as well. As a proof of recognition for EuCO’s international activity it was granted the title of “The Ambassador of Polish Economy” in 2015 by Business Centre Club.

EuCO as a creator of compensation business

For 12 years, EuCO shows the society, that everybody has the full right to fight for due compensation. It draws attention to the fact that all injured people and their families can count on the support of a strong institution that will protect their interests – the institution that is an effective and equal partner for Insurance Companies.

EuCO introduces unique solutions, which situated the company at the leader position in the region – it built the biggest network of agency sales in Central and Eastern Europe, as the first in the business decided to represent clients in court, creates new services – liquidation of property damages, redress, class action.

The activities of EuCO change the compensation market in Poland and even the law, its interpretation and judicial decisions, thanks to which the average amounts of compensation paid to clients in Poland are increasing. In 2015, the Polish edition of the prestigious magazine Bloomberg Businessweek granted Krzysztof Lewandowski, the President of EuCO’s Board, the title of The Best Manager for creating from scratch a new industry on the Polish market.

Innovative solutions for clients:


EuCO takes care of the comfort and safety of its clients. As the first compensation company in Poland it offers replacement cars for the time of repairing the vehicles damaged in an accident. EuCOCAR has at its disposal the fleet of more than 100 cars and is still expanding it. The clients may count on immediate and free help all over Poland. Thanks to special mobile application EuCOCAR or making contact via SMS, within a few hours they receive a replacement car of the same class, regardless of the fact whether they drive day-to-day the car of the class A, B, C, D or the premium-class car. EuCOCAR’s fleet will soon enrich itself in SUV and VAN-type cars and specialized cars, such as passenger buses or even carriages.

  • Krajowe Centrum Finansowe (National Financial Centre)

The clients of EuCO have the possibility of obtaining the financial resources essential for treatment and rehabilitation very quickly. This financial help may come long before payment of compensation by Insurance Companies, for which in Polish reality one may wait even a dozen of months. Such a delay in rehabilitation and treatment may be a serious obstacle in recovering. Time plays a crucial role, therefore, when a case is filed to an Insurance Company or a lawsuit is sent to the court, it is enough to sign the agreement with KCF and the same day the funds necessary for treatment and rehabilitation are transferred to the client’s bank account.

EuCO for the society

EuCO attaches the utmost importance to corporate social responsibility. In April 2008, EuCO For Children Foundation was established. By its charitable activities, EuCO supports institutions of public health by means of financing medical equipment, takes actions to support the disabled and organizations providing help to others. EuCO is one of the biggest donors of Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, for which the company has been awarded by Jurek Owsiak a medal commemorating the 15th anniversary of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. EuCO also supports the Special Olympics and was the main sponsor of the Polish representation of Special Olympics during the 14th World Special Olympic Summer Games in Los Angeles 2015 and 9th National Special Olympics Winter Games in Zakopane/Białystok 2016.

EuCO also supports orphanages and other organizations serving the public from Legnica and the neighborhood. The beneficiaries of EuCO are, among others: Student Sport Club UKS 9, the Orphanage for Little Children in Jawor, Children’s Friends Association in Legnica, the Orphanage by name of Holy Mary of Częstochowa, foundation “PASJE”, foundation “Iskierka”, association “A Child’s Smile”, foundation “Make it to help”, Association of Friends and Families of People with Mental Retardation “Jutrzenka”, association “Złota Cooltura”, Club Oyama Karate in Legnica.


Offering the highest standard of services, solely with our clients’ best interest in mind.

Our mission is to bring legal and financial aid to those injured in an accident.

We carry out our mission by securing the highest possible compensation from insurance companies – both in Poland and abroad.