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Your work helps people in moments which are tough for them. Thank you very much for your patience, nice service and obviously for the satisfaction of a claim which you have obtained for me.

Tadeusz Ś. Tomaszów Maz.

My husband's death in a car accident came as a great shock to me. I was left alone with my daughter and what is more, we have lost the only livelihood. Compensation obtained by ECC allowed us to lead decent life for a longer period of time during which I managed to back on my feet. We thanks a lot for your support in all the moments difficult for us. We are grateful for every 1 złoty.

Alicja i Natalia from Bydgoszcz

Thanks you very much, kind regards and I wish you further successes in fight with the dishonest insurers.

Sylwia Sz. Łódź

Money after the loss of your relative will not bring the person back to life but they will help you survive the worst moments. If it would not be for the compensation we would have no money. I was fully aware that we ought to get more than the insurer gave us yet I could not afford paying for barrister services. (...) Mr Jacek from ECC was on my way in a due time. Thanks to him I began to see the light. I am extremely grateful for every help.

Mariola Z. Kraków

Accidents occur in the least expected moments. My friend recommended this company to me. Now I know that cooperation with You was the best decision in my "second" life – life after the accident. It is worth fighting your corner! Thank you very much!

Jarek Z. Skierniewice

Quickly, efficiently and professonaly. I am very surpised. Thank you for everything.

Majka F. Golub-Dobrzyń

(...)A person learns through the whole life. The acquired amount of money allowed me to retrain. Now I have got better and safer job. If it would not been for the European Compensation Centre help I would probably be unemployed today. Your work is worth more than you could even imagine.
Thank you.

Best regards
Roman K. Katowice

ECC workers have human feeling which is rare nowadays. They understand problems typical for an ordinary person and make an attempt to help everyone the best they can. Even the smallest compensation might be of great importance for the family budget and might minimalize the result of traumatic feelings. I am immensely grateful . Thanks to everyone who was engaged in resolving my case in such a positive way.

Paweł Cz. Stalowa Wola

I appreciate companies which are not profit oriented but attempt to help people in need. Even two years ago I could not figure out the meaning of life. I have lost two legs in a car accident and it was the end of world for me. Now I am a happy husband and father and there are such days (and even weeks!) when I forget that I am handicapped. You are GREAT!

Mikołaj S. Warszawa

Mr Marcin and Mrs Anna, you are great. My 6 years old daughter when saw how much I am pleased with Your job said that when she grows up she would like to become ECC agent  Once more I would like to say thank you to all those who contributed to receiving such a considerable compensation from the insurer.

Barbara N. Kalisz

You even cannot imagine how much you have helped me. I am aware of the fact that my case was not the easiest one but you managed and I am very grateful for it!

Krzysztof D. Zamość

Dear Mrs. Renata S. I would like to thank you for taking an interest in my case and seeing it through. Thank you once again.

Grateful Irene M. 15 Feb. 2011

To ECC. I hope than the samples of my poetry and paintings will serve as proof of how grateful I am for the help I received. Thank you very much.

Sabina B. S. 22.04.2009

I would like to thank you very much for the hard work you have put solving my case.

Antoni M., Poznań

Thanks to Your efforts I have received due money. Thank you for the devoted time and for approaching the case professionally.

Monika S. from Wrocław

It’s fantastic (...) that I now can make a wonderful Christmas dinner... and much more. I am very moved 🙂 thank you.
I was positively surprised with the amount reclaimed by ECC. That means professional service! Thank you very much and best regards!

Agnieszka O. Włocławek

INSTANTLY and PROFESIONALLY. Thanks once more. I would definitely recommend you to my friends in need.

Danuta N. Opole

(...) I am very surprised that so many people do not even try to obtain proper compensation. How could you not fight for your own money? Thanks a lot of your help.

Marek D. Toruń

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the whole ECC team for helping me in regaining surprisingly high compensation from the insurer.

Zbyszek K. Warszawa

I am obliged to thank ECC’s entire team for helping me receive compensation for my injury (a broken arm).

Sincerely, Anna W., a very satisfied client.

I would like to thank you for the effort You have put into my case. Money from the compensation allowed me to come back to ordinary life. Sincere thanks to Mr Sławek who supervised by case.

Antoni M., Poznań

Thank you very much for taking care of my case and for making our cooperation an enjoyable experience.

Robert P. 24. 01. 2012

ECC team did great job. Thanks and greetings from sunny Sopot!

Michał S. Sopot

With a clear conscience I can thank ECC and congratulate then for working so efficiently. Thank you once again and take care.
With my respects to the entire team

Zbigniew W.