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Krzysztof Lewandowski

Chairman of the Board

He is the founder of the Compensation Centre Joint Stock Company, the largest in Central-Eastern Europe. Since 2004, he has been President of the Joint-Stock Company. He managed the expansion of the EuCO Capital Group into the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. In 2006, he enlarged... the activity of the Group with the addition of the EuCo Solicitors Office, which represents clients in judicial and legal proceedings. In 2010, he successfully floated the EuCo Joint Stock Company on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Krzysztof Lewandowski is a member of the Business Centre Club and the Polish Business Roundtable Club. He gained previous business experience in managing, among others, a wood transportation company and a clothing store network. Between 1995 and1997, he worked for the Legmet-KGHM Polska Miedź Joint Stock Company in their mechanical industrial plants. He graduated from the Polish Open University in Warsaw in business management.
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Jolanta Zendran

Vice-Chairman of the Board

Since 2013, she has been working as vice-president of the board of directors. She is responsible for the operating activities of the EuCo Capital Group. Since 2005, she has been part of the company as financial director, managing director, proxy and administration member. In 2010, she actively participated... in the IPO (initial public offering) process, which was finalised by introducing the EuCO Joint Stock Company onto the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Between 2000 and 2004, she worked as director of a company administrating private medical centres throughout Poland. She is a legal translator in German and a graduate of a tax adviser course. In 2014, she commenced postgraduate studies in Accounting and Financial Management at Wrocław University of Economics. Graduate of the Philological Department of the University of Wrocław and in postgraduate studies from the Principal School of Commerce in Warsaw, the College of Management and Finance.
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Agata Rosa - Kołodziej

Financial Director, Board Member

Since 2012, she has been the member of the board of managers responsible for finance. She works for the EuCo Capital Group as a financial director. She is a tax adviser and she has a certificate in accounts awarded by the Finance Minister. She is a graduate... in postgraduate studies from the Wrocław University of Economics in the fields of accountancy and taxes and international accountancy standards. She is also a graduate from the School of Banking in Wrocław, in the field of accountancy and controlling, plus an auditor of postgraduate studies at Wrocław University of Economics (Accounting and Financial Management). Previously, she gained professional experience in the fields of finance and accountancy working for the KGHM Capital Group. She is a business management graduate from the Polish Open University in Warsaw.
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