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ECC prides itself in being able to help those in need of support. In April of 2008 we launched the ECC for Children Foundation, which operates throughout the country and is among the most active Polish charity organizations.

In accordance with the Act on Public Benefit and Volunteer Work, the status granted to the ECC for Children Foundation will allow those who want to help young accident victims donate 1% of their income taxes to the Foundation. The Foundation is listed on an elite list of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, among organizations that support persons in a difficult living situation, health and life protection organizations and organizations that offer aid to the handicapped. The Foundation supports, inter alia, the Home for Young Children in Jawor, the Friends of Children Association, Legnica Branch, it finances English courses for those residing in the Children’s Home as well as field trips for those enrolled at the Special Education Schools.

The Foundation also brings individual aid to children with illnesses.

For more information visit: www.fundacja.euco.pl

ECC also supports the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC). During the 19th GOCC Final in 2011 ECC won a Gold Card with the no. 1 issued by the Polish Communication Company for 200K PLN. Previously the company managed to win an auction for a Gold Card with the no. 2 issued by the Polish Communication Company for 221K PLN and a Gold Heart with the number 1 for 41,900 PLN in 2010. We won a Gold Card with the no. 1 in 2009; in 2008 also a card with the number 1 for 55K PLN. For our support founder Jurek Owsiak awarded ECC with a medal commemorating the 15th anniversary of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.
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