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If, due to an accident caused by a third party, you receive injuries or experience health problems, you can expect: Compensation for damages; Compensation of medical treatment costs, medical care costs, rehab as well as salary losses during the period you were unable to work due to an accident. A disability pension due to lost benefits if you are partially or fully unable to work. A pension due to greater needs resulting from the accident if you require medical treatment for a longer period or permanent treatment which decreases your income in comparison to before the accident. Compensation for the property damaged as a result of the accident. ECC will take every possible step to make sure you receive the financial aid you deserve from all possible sources. Our hitherto experience tells us that clients are unaware that they are entitled to compensation – and that is the idea behind the European Compensation Center. You do not have to be an attorney to receive the compensation you deserve – we will fight for it for you.

Very often the person filing for compensation must stand alone against a vast insurance company that is denying him or her payment of benefits. By entrusting ECC with your case you gain the help of an experienced and effective legal representative who will strive for the highest possible compensation on your behalf. As ECC is a large company, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, hires qualified employees and has adequate funds, an insurance company will realize that denying benefits will be met by a quick reaction and that the matter will often lead to a court proceeding. Our vast experience allows us to successfully fight for the money you deserve.
We primarily handle compensation cases linked with personal injuries; we secure compensation from the liability policy held by the person responsible for an accident. This also encompasses the death of a close family member, compensation for accidents that took place in agricultural facilities within the scope of the insurance holder’s policy, compensation for medical mistakes, work-related accidents, accidents caused by delicts, compensation for damaged vehicles or lost financial benefits, accidents in traffic zones, on the sidewalk or even in stores as well as many other cases. You will find more information under this tab
Our group is comprised of specialists in the fields of law, labor medicine, appraisal as well as certified physicians. We have our own Law Office and adequate financial funds. The tens of thousands of cases conducted by ECC have allowed us to gain knowledge and experience that make it easier for us to effectively execute compensation for our clients. Our specialists are able to assess the actual chances of success and compensation amounts – and then prepare the necessary documentation. Our procedures are aimed at maximizing your chances for high compensation.
ECC’s reliability and financial position is also confirmed by the fact that we are among an elite group listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
We do not require any initial partial payments or payments in advance, etc. If, with our help, the outcome is a success, we will charge a success fee. We also do not charge for verifying your documents – which is a necessary step in order to successfully apply for compensation. We also do not charge for commuting to our clients, so you do not have to worry about additional costs. For more details you can contact our representatives at any time or fill out the contact form provided on our website (www.euco.pl).
We do not have a fixed success fee rate. Our success fee depends on the complexity of the case and the amount of work required of ECC to compile documents necessary to confirm the validity of the claim and extent of damages – which makes it possible for us to secure the highest possible compensation amount. You will be informed about our success fee before you sign a contract with us. You should remember that the more documentation we collect the more effectively we can pursue your compensation claim from the person responsible or your insurance provider.
We can ensure you that our success fee is among the lowest in comparison to the compensation amounts we secure – and is adequate when keeping in mind our professionalism and the extent of our work.
The period it takes to receive compensation unfortunately does not entirely depend on us as many factors have to be taken under consideration – especially the complexity of the case. The time it takes to compile necessary documentation is very important. If documentation is provided with a delay or is incomplete the insurance provider may, due to regulations concerning time norms, delay payment. This is why we very carefully inspect necessary documentation and whether or not they are complete.
Claim settlements linked with communication accidents take from 30 to 90 days, counting from the date a claim is filed – as long as you provide a full set of documentation beforehand. This period may unfortunately be longer – due to incomplete documentation or the injured party still undergoing treatment. In this case the injured party may expect to receive some compensation during the treatment period.
Naturally. As the case pertains to you or a close family member, we guarantee full and unlimited access to your documentation at ECC’s headquarters. You will also be informed about the progress of your case. In addition you can contact our representatives with any questions or doubts – all it takes is one phone call or email.
Here we can primarily list errors in medical documentation, an incomplete set of documents or the injured party still undergoing treatment. Apart from the above, claim settlements can take longer due to lengthy criminal proceedings and difficulty in obtaining evidence in the form of court appointed experts or witnesses by the court. Unfortunately we have no legal means to accelerate the compensation process in court so in such cases we must ask you to be patient.
You decide. If the case is to be settled in court, you will have to participate in the proceedings. Whether or not to settle the matter in court is determined upon a recommendation issued by our Law Office. Remember that this makes it more likely for you to receive a much higher amount of money. If you do decide to take the case to court the proceedings will be held in a court closest to your place of residence.
Even if the case will be determined in court you do not have to confront the person responsible; this can often be an uncomfortable experience. The person responsible will take part in the proceedings while a representative of the insurance agency can appear in court on your behalf.
Insurance companies often overuse this argument, although it is unlawful. Explaining the circumstances of the accident often does not require waiting for a court appointed expert or a verdict. In this case nothing stands in the way for the insurance company to fulfill its statutory obligation and establish the circumstances of the incident as well as who is responsible for the outcome – by conducting its own investigation.
In such a situation it is important to report the incident to the police immediately and contact us in order to receive necessary information – as in many cases you may receive compensation. If we establish that you are eligible due to personal or property damage we will secure money for you from the Insurance Guarantee Fund.
An accident is foremostly a traumatic experience which is why you can have both physical injuries and suffer mental trauma. If your health has suffered for whatever reason – you are entitled to compensation. Our role is proving that even a small injury can cause great discomfort for which you should be compensated.
The death of a close family member brings pain and suffering to those who were closest to the deceased; therefore both you and your family are entitled to compensation. Additionally, you are entitled to compensation of funeral costs and gravestone costs, which are often quite high. The death of a family member may also cause a decline in your financial status, in which case you may try filing for compensation and/or a pension.
The answer to this question depends on your child’s age. Minors under 13 years of age cannot be legally held responsible for incidents, yet we can establish that the child was responsible for the incident taking place. In this case compensation awarded by the insurance company will be decreased by the degree of contribution to the accident. Whether or not you can expect compensation depends on the circumstances of the accident and on an in-depth analysis of the responsibility of all participants and the outcomes.
You have the right to file for compensation if you were not the cause of the accident and were seriously injured as a result of the accident. If the unfortunate incident took place in a public use facility or if it was a communication accident you can receive payment from the liability policy held by the person or institution responsible for the accident.
Yes. If the person responsible for the accident did not have liability coverage, despite a legal requirement, the claim is not settled via an insurance agency but by the Insurance Guarantee Fund. A legal proceeding will be held for the person responsible for the accident, as well as a retrospective proceeding. However, if a different party is responsible for the consequences of the accident – the claim will be addressed to him or her directly.
Of course, under the condition that the limitation period has not run out – this is 3 years in most cases. However, the limitation period can be extended if your injuries were the result of a delict – in this case to 20 years from the date of the incident. It is best if you contact us as early as possible with such matters – we can answer your questions and take necessary steps to secure your compensation.
You can file for compensation even if you are still undergoing medical treatment. What’s more, in such cases you can even expect an advance payment to cover your future treatment or rehab costs or help you cover the costs you have already incurred. We can determine, based on your medical documentation, when is the best time to file for an advance payment and what sum to file for. Naturally you do not have to handle the matter personally – ECC will take care of everything for you.
It is always a good idea to attempt to receive compensation – even if the court issued an unfavorable verdict. You can still file for compensation – although the amount will be decreased proportionately to the degree in which you contributed to the accident. Our task will be to make sure that the degree of contributing to the accident assessed in court is minimal, and – what follows – that expenses refunds and compensation are decreased by the smallest sum possible.
Yes. We have branches in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Romania. We’ve handled several dozen cases linked with accidents abroad and with the involvement of persons from a foreign country. The accident’s geographic location is of no greater significance – providing that we receive adequate and complete documentation. If you are planning a vacation or work abroad and are concerned that you may become injured in an accident – contact us. We will tell you how to effectively pursue your rights.
Most importantly you have to provide your:
  • ID
  • medical documentation (linked with post-accident treatment, receipts for medicine, wound dressings, rehab, doctor’s appointments or purchase of medical equipment)
  • documents confirming that the person who caused the accident was responsible for the accident taking place (a police record or statement signed by the responsible party)
  • a document in which the responsible party assumes responsibility for the outcome of the accident (e.g. a statement signed by the owner of the grounds where the accident took place).
We can demand compensation, in your name, for loss of your vehicle’s market value. This is especially beneficial in case of drivers whose vehicles were less than five years old at the time of the accident, were purchased new at a dealership and have no accident history. The vehicle needs to be, however, repaired at an Authorized Auto Repair Station, while maintaining the manufacturer’s production technology (which must be confirmed by invoices) as well as purchase of original parts/components.
As soon as all proceedings linked with receiving compensation are finalized, the sum transferred to your legal representative’s account will be transferred to you without delay. Please keep in mind that you can contact the representative handling your case at any time – so when in doubt don’t hesitate to call and find out how far advanced your case is and when to expect a transfer.
To contact us please search online for a phone number to one of our agents – stationed throughout the country. You can also contact us using the form provided on the left.
The extent of compensation is strictly linked with permanent outcomes of an incident. The degree of health impairment, expressed as a percentage of the total sum of coverage, is a basic – but not only – indicator of the sum of compensation. To maximize your chances of receiving the highest possible benefits the European Compensation Center established its own Law Office. By entrusting ECC with your case you can be sure that it will be handled by specialists. The money you receive is a form of compensation for your physical and mental suffering.