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Our great associates, Mrs. and Mr. Urszula and Janusz Góreccy, got a beautiful “thank you” letter from a very happy Client. The letter’s content is below. We thank Mrs. Lilianna for her amazing words and congratulate PP. Góreccy from the bottom of our hearts.

Bydgoszcz, 20 June, 2018.

“In relation to the end of my case concerning the OD policy, I would like to thank your company for the efficient, professional, fair and speedy settlement of the above-mentioned compensation. I would also like to mention that special praise belongs to Mrs. and Mr. Urszula and Janusz Górecki, who dealt with my affairs with great empathy and commitment. I am a completely lonely person (all loved ones died) in retirement, without a car and any savings. For over a year, the above-mentioned have been taking me to the doctors and rehabilitation with their car, not taking anything in return, despite the fact that I offered a recompense for this selfless help. Therefore, in this form, I express my gratitude for the good they shared by their professional work. I must honestly admit that a lot of good happens through the activity of your company, through such employees as the above-mentioned, among others. How much more difficult it would be for people to settle matters of compensation, if not for specific, everyday help provided to victims, who would not have been able to navigate this “jungle” of various paragraphs and legal regulations. Those (like your company) who help those who do not cope with the difficult reality, also need support, good word and gratitude. Without recognition of the Management, and also praise, your employees could be discouraged, disappointed. They could think, that being good people isn’t worth it. Hence my idea to write this “thank you” letter to your employees, such as Mr. Janusz Górecki and his wife and others from the Central in Legnica.

The above-mentioned are examples of reliable, professional, dedicated work. Mr. Janusz Górecki is well organized, logical, courageous and creative. Mrs. Urszula has a huge heart for people. She is a very warm, feminine and wise person. In a word, they are both loyal, reliable, hard-working and honest people. I will recommend your company (I already do this) to all those who need help from a fair and competent compensation company.

Once again, I would like to thank you for the concrete, professional and extremely empathic help given to people injured in, for example, car accidents. I think that those who create jobs, who are always surrounded by a wreath of the needy; Those “stronger” also need support, a good word of “gratitude”. Hence the idea of sending this “thank you” letter: for the heart and goodness shown to me – by your company – through such selfless, disinterested and professional employees as Mrs. and Mr. Urszula and Janusz Górecki”.