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In connection with the announcement of a new product during the ECC Congress on 9 June 2018, we started a series of trainings – Special Training in Relations and Care Allowance. The trainings are conducted by Joanna Świerczańska-Smulczyk and attorney Beata Szlapińska-Pawłów or attorney Lucjan Chreściak.

The second part is run by Alicja Buza-Borkowska and Przemysław Paducha. The trainings were held in Lódz, Bydgoszcz and Wrocław. They were very popular – in Lodz and Bydgoszcz there were over 100 people – the rooms were bursting at the seams. The next training will take place on July 11 in Lublin.

The new product aroused great public interest. Within 3 weeks, almost 300 cases have already been delivered to the Company.