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In February 2016, 24-year-old Monika W. was hit by a car at a pedestrian crossing. As a result of the accident she suffered a serious head injury, which led to paralysis of the limbs and impaired speech function.

We started Mrs. Monika’s case from the very beginning, helping the client’s family to get all the necessary documents.

In February 2017, on behalf of the Injured, we filed claims against the Insurer of the accident’s perpetrator. By way of discretionary decisions, the Society awarded over 80,000 PLN in compensation and reimbursed numerous medical expenses, commuting, lost income, etc. Additionally, the client was covered by the Individual Aid Plan, which included comprehensive, specialist treatment, tailored to her needs. The costs of this treatment were covered by the insurance company.

In the course of further activities, we also obtained allowance for Mrs. Monika, due to her inability to earn income, a monthly sum of nearly 700 PLN, plus a pension for increased needs – nearly 600 PLN per month. Due to the health and life situation of the Injured party, we have undertaken compromise negotiations in order to complete her case. Eventually we won her a sum of almost 1,100,000 PLN!!!